People request pictures and sometimes I only draw one(or two)and that's the end of the contract. So here are my one-shots:

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view the whole thing.

marrow Pencil sketch of Marrow I drew by request for a couple of Marrow fan-boys. You can pick more bones with Marrow at their great site,Bad to the Bone.
Jubes and Ev A close-up of the Gen-X firecracker Jubilee. Just plain pencil.
Jubes Jubilation and Everett from Gen-X. Both Jubilee pictures were requested by avid Gen-X fan LosDosMos. Done in pen and color pencil.
Dr Reyes   Drs Reyes and McCoy First Dr Cecelia Reyes originally requested by James but now both can be found at QueenB's lovely site :Under the Knife

Alien Girl Nate1234's and Katroz's brain child, Alien-Girl. Done in pen and pencil.
Kabuki David Mack's Kabuki, requested by Jeanne. You can visit her pretty website and see more Kabuki fan art at Circle Of Dreams: Kabuki. Done in chalk pastels and paintbrush.
The Captain Yasmin M. requested this fighting muse, nicknamed The Captain. Done in ink and color pencils.
Binary Ryan Jones requested a couple of pictures of Carol Danvers for an art contest on his awesome website: This Woman, This Warrior. I hope I win!.
Ms MarvelThis is Carol Danvers as Ms Marvel. Both pictures done in ink and color pencils
Dark TideX-Men from Mystique's alternate universe, DarkTide. Quick run-down: All shown around the same age; Emma & Sean are the headmasters, X & Jean are dating (sorta), Warren's got a crush on Emma, M & Scott have a kinda thing, Jubes & Bobby are an item. Whew. Any other questions? Read Mystique's fascinating fan-fics.

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